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Nilofer Neubert is an educator, writer and spoken word poet. She conducts creative writing workshops for children where they use poems, short stories as well as performance poetry to express themselves. She also facilitates writing groups for adults through Writingthecity, Singapore.

She was the Editor and Co-Founder of Prosaic Magazine, a DIY photocopied + silkscreened alternative art and culture magazine that consisted of interviews, poetry, illustration, photography, short stories and the occasional reviews on books/music/movies and local bands. Through this platform, she edited poems, articles and short stories, conducted interviews and helped with the layout of the magazine.

She has performed her poetry at various locations in Singapore as well as open mics in England. Her poems have been published in The Fat City Review and other online magazines. She is currently working on putting together her first poetry collection as well as starting to write a novel. She started the project #onemillioninspirations, where she is looking for one million people to provide writing prompts to her. Some of her writing can be found on and

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