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  1. You lie to your hippie boyfriend, Matt, who drives you to the train station near his house. You’re going to visit an old friend you knew from Jewish summer camp, ...

    Published May 22, 2013, 3:59 p.m. 5

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I am a writer, freelance ghost editor (for television and print), MFA candidate, teacher, and worst mother of the year. 

I have edited four award winning University anthologies both in America and abroad and an essay I helped edit is currently in the 2012 Best American Essays. I was a Glimmer Train New Writer Finalist for my story "Kicking Toward the Sun" and Columbia University award winner for my short story "The Language of Tires". I have been published in various print and online journals, and have read many stories at big Universities and tiny bars all over the USA and England.  

I am not here to wax anyone into happiness.  I read thoroughly, ask questions I think you need to answer, and am not known to sugar coat anything.  If you think your writing is carved into gold, submit it to a literary magazine and have that be the end of it. I believe in positive feedback, and honestly love writing.  I don't do disclaimers.  You can say "This isn't my best writing" all you want, but I will treat your writing as if you want it to be improved. I am not your mother--if you want someone to rub your back and make you a cup of tea and tell you that you can be anything you want to be, I am not the person you are looking for.

I am from New York. I make my home now in Austin, TX with my dog Colin Firth. I am currently working on my MFA thesis--a young adult book about growing up in The Hamptons.

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