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I've been a professional writer since 1995, where by "professional" I mean "I wrote stuff, and some idiot paid me to publish it." I'm currently a working freelance writer and professional snarkologist, which means that there are enough idiots out there willing to publish my work that I find I'm able to have a roof over my head, internet access, and food. You can view my online portfolio here

In my spare time I enjoy playing with my cat, playing guitar, watching movies, reading, sleeping, and coming up with new ideas that will take away from the spare time I have available to do all those other fun things.

I do not live in Australia.

A note on reviewing: If you publish something here, I assume you're taking it seriously. If I review it, I'm taking it seriously. I do not engage in empty flattery, nor will I blow smoke up your ass. And although I have quite a sweet tooth, I don't sugarcoat my words. My reviews are entirely my own and do not represent the opinions of anyone other than myself.

Motto You call it a vision; I call it a curse.
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