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  1. The universe is huge and full of stuff. More stuff than our tiny human brains can fathom. It is filled with things that are beyond our knowledge. The universe is ...

    Published June 30, 2013, 4:30 p.m. 1

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  1. review of supersatellite's piece, Fallen

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Noelle Null does not actually exist. She is a figment of some warped imagination. But, If she did exist? She would live in Seattle, Wa — with just the voices in her head to keep her company. She would consider herself to be more a “literary terrorist” or “ontological saboteur” than a “serious” writer (but she would be serious about writing. So serious!). She would also spend the majority of her waking life furiously typing nonsense, in the form of Poetry, Prose, and Fiction.

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