It's fascinating. No matter how much harder she got, she only felt more hollow. She went from soft inside to whistling at all of her hinges. She became armor plating, ...


Ok, I suck at giving reviews. since I don't really know what I should write down. 
But well, let's give it a shot.
I liked the piece, it's short, simple but it reads easy.
I like the way you tell that a person can complete another person, how he gives her the things she hasn't.:)
The piece is really good and I loved reading it. :) 



There are silver cars swerving down the street in the rain, the mid-June rain with a shy sun, and the houses glow with yellow light, the gold in the silver ...


Nicely done. 

Your piece is absolutly full of truth. 

From the moment I started reading the first line, I had to continue reading. 

You really dragged me into it. 

Just to be short, I loved it. 

I knocked on the door. I knew he would be in bad shape and I wasn’t looking forward to seeing him like that, but when the door swung open I ...


I liked the story. 
It's clear that the male character has some kind of problem, although I don't really know what kind of problem it is.
The female character, I think is a close friend, who wants to be there for him no matter what. 
The storyline  itself  is well written and maybe this piece would be a good start for something more.
Although that will depend on what you want yourself. :)
Good work. 

Sitting here with you quite near.Our hearts in tune, our love endearThis moment's joy and happinesscan it forever be my bliss?For mountains fall in time gone bybut true love stands ...


Owh,... I loved this poem. It made me smile.
I think it's cute. :)
YOu actually wrote down everything true love is meant to be. 
The one you wrote it for is very lucky :)
Great work, I loved it. :)  


don't read the tags.


Ok, I'm not really good at giving reviews. But since a simple ' I liked it.' or ' I loved it.' doesn't count enough words to actually submit a review I'll give it a shot.
So sorry for  blabbering around.

Uhm...I liked the poem. It's very easy to relate with.
It's clear what message you want to send with it.

Like I said, I'm not really good at this. So i'm going to stop here. :)
Hope you got something out of it :)