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When I was younger
I stared at hourglasses
Wasting all I had 

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An Introspection Reflection with a Southern Inflection

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Concrete roads ripple

in the waves of an earthquake.

A frequency so deep

that we could never sing to

but still a note, at least;

a song, perhaps.


They pucker at their crests

and split into lips

pouting at the end of their usefulness,

in the glittering shower

of windows permanently open.


Cars lounge on their sides

after years of running

and mains pipes break cycles,

bursting in fountain joy.

The city trembles with reminded life.

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Can I spend it on you?

I'm just a child,
eyes agape and anxious, with
pockets full of hope. 

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To My Pride

Light forest suns
are wounds without notice.
So if I bleed, I bleed love.

Because blood means defeat
and pride is living in wounds
living degenerate, true.

Otherwise, I feel fine,
tired, because Narnia is colder
than I thought. And Aslan is yet to come...

        perhaps lost,
        in all the snow.

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Do you remember

the night you used your bare hand

to jimmy open my chest

in order to search for my demons,

but all you could ever find was down

drenched in water that weighed like stones.

And I said to you

we'd been through this before, that I'd told you

years ago, how I drained all my blood

to make a pact with Satan,

so I could tear out my soul along with my heart,

and put them away in the box of Pandora.

They say home is where the heart is,

then all you need to do is to place your heart

somewhere that couldn't be found,

so it be never