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TRACK’N BACK by richard lynn livesay

It runs through my brain,

like a train, a train

on a black track,


Oh, I’ll be back

                 and go on through, to you.                  

Making sense or not,

Please don’t try to stop me

                  No, don’t even try… to get by with a lie

Me?...my sanity is insanely sane

But that’s not my game

I like whirling like a weather vane


                  Lips sighing

                  Eyes crying

                  And brains fry’n

 Clickity- clack,

          I’m  back like a sack of Jack with a tick-tac

Give me a question to my answer

Maybe bring in a pole dancer or a Sumerian  necromancer

Let’s go ‘round the next bend

and find what do you intend


Want a free ride in space or a tattooed face?

Drive a Mac truck;

                  Picking up,

                  hauling and

                  leaving behind

just grab on for the ride, enjoy the speed… of thought..mmm,

Think not?

Well then,

when the present shifts into infinity,

don’t blame me for your timidity

You see, they’ll say,

“save it for a rainy day”…but I say

                 … let it RAIN!

                  There is no gain

There’s no pain,

                  only sorrow and shame

 and the lack of someone to blame

Mistaken perceptions?

by the hour, I turn sour, so with a few minutes left

to watch your watch

watch me waste your time


there are some that will rhyme for a dime

but I don’t draw for cash


you think you sold me out with your run-a-‘bout.

So eat your derivatives

your unnatural proclivities.

you’re interest in interest

that makes no common cents


makes me want to compound you daily

with an over due shoe but...

                  Yes, I see you

                  And later on when you see me;

                  I’ll be the one washing

                 the blood off of your feet, I repeat


Was it worth your time

to stand in my line

For heartache tickets

While I pulled your plough

Milk the fatted cow

And now,


We ride the night train

You’ll be getting off in Chaos


it is full of smoke and mirrors

with reflections of  chicken-boned children

forgotten families, homeless soldiers, dying martyrs

Maybe you’ll get one more chance

a choice of this or that…but

                   Cash won’t pay your debts

                   Lies won’t cover your bets

                  And no one hears your threats.


remember, there are no no’s…..no hidden bounds

no sounds

Life is profound!

Hear that sound?

That’s me  track’n   back…here’s your town… see ya next time around





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The Island of (Nepenthe) Notes


  (poetic/literary a drug described in Homer’s Odyssey as banishing grief or trouble from a person’s mind.
☨. Any drug or potion bringing welcome forgetfulness. [ORIGIN: via Latin from Greek nēpenthēs ‘dispelling pain,’ from nē- ‘not’ + penthos ‘grief.’ ]

❀ The island of Nepenthe is a 6 hour rest stop & remaining four week travel time of the ship’s final destination, Fanidée.
❀ Nepenthe promised to be a fresh, overnight excursion for the people who needed fresh air and stable land beneath their feet.
❀ There are canniberries on the island cultivated by the Nepenthians, a considered hallucinogen & superfruit to the islanders for their nutrients & trippy and antioxidant qualities.


Lo, L and Preston’s arrival to dock at Nepenthe was announced by a series of captain’s assistants who came in ringing a delicate bell for announcement of docking onto the island. Everyone stretched and got up from their tables to gather on the main-deck where where would be a automated stairway dropped down to part from the boat onto Nepenthe’s pier.

(Willow had changed into a red velvet dress with white beaded sandals. She had a thin red sweater over the dress and painted her lips a dark vin rouge as if merlot had been vehemently kissing her lips in the privacy of her room. She wore thick mascara mixed her velvet femininity with a wonderfully fruited and potent perfume that lingered off of her with undertones smelling of cedar-wood, amber, and honey. Her beauty stood two feet in front of them smiling waiting to be introduced.)


what happened next;
❀ Preston rehashes the entire idea and description of the canniberries to Lo & L
❀ The ship’s passengers peek out to see an island thickly forested with tiny bungalows shying out on pearl white sand.
❀ A low humidity blankets them in the afternoon sun which is captured and shifted in the breeze
❀ Uniformed men announce in official voices that there would be no formal search party for any missing persons
❀ Lucette’s throat tightens and pulse quickens