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                                                        all               of this 
                                                             it  worth   
                                                      was                              branches
                                               down                          a few
I should                                on   my   way          hit
             have                      I  hit  the  ground and
                    stopped         Till, Snap! Crack!                            signs
                                  but   still    I    climbed          the warning  
                                          I   should    have  seen                                      view
    And                  branch you grew weaker                                    to see the 
            branch by              I  climbed higher                           or wanted
                                         branch by branch            a challenge
                   I knew            Maybe   I     can’t  resist                       so green
                               I  had to   try    climbing                       leaves
                                         Your limbs were long        your  
                                         above          me          and  
                                         towering     high 
                                         you were a tree
                                         last   night   and 
                                         I  had  a  dream 

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Little Grey Owl

Your favorite bird was an owl
Which was oddly appropriate
You always stood
Silently, so silently I’d wonder if you were standing there at all
Some would take this to be mocking
But no,
Even when you stood there silently,
You had a presence  
Is the only word to describe
A certain soothing
That comes from a certain wisdom
A kind of wisdom I’d only seen once
In my mother
It was in your eyes
Which were grey by the way
Just like my grandfather’s
Except yours were warmer
You were always decadently sweet
Like my grandmother’s desserts
But I’d only ever really had a taste for lemon
I sometimes wondered if that was our downfall
Maybe my diet of bitter women
Had turned my taste averse
Do you remember when
On our first date I tried to kiss you
You went for the awkward hug
I was scared
Because I thought everything was over
I’d learned by then if you don’t cement a woman’s affection early you’ll never get it
And I thought I’d never have yours
For my birthday,
The twentieth not the twenty first
(Though the birthday sex was nice)
You gave me a shirt
It had
Abbey Road with Pac-Man and ghosts
And I loved it
Until I found out it was a size too small
And I could only wear it with a jacket
And even then it was off
Oddly enough though, it fit you
You also gave me a pair of 3-D glasses
Because I felt like since we saw things from such different view points
We had a multi-dimensional perspective of how things were
Maybe that was my way of saying
I loved how you influenced me
I remember in a meeting before my Confirmation
(Which I primarily did for my father)
I told the priest I need a woman who could reign me it
Someone like you
I showed you your new favorite band “Why?”
Which I thought was better than Green Day
But I wondered if that was really you
Or my reflection on you.
Or her reflection on me.
That always scared me.
But you did that one picture
Of "Simeon's Dilemma"
And I have to wonder
How long I knew 
I wasn't right for you
And tried
To deny, deny, deny
But, I still make those noises you made when you stretched
It’s always an odd reminder of you
And shows me at least it wasn't a one way street.
I don’t think I could ever break the habit
Your reflection was just more
But likely stronger
Grey was also your favorite color
Some people said
That’s boring
But I think they don’t understand the
Calming neutrality
Do you remember
After 50/50
Our first date
When we walked around the lake
We were sitting on a bench after chasing geese
I could feel the conversation dying
So I said
I like trees
Which was possibly the least relevant thing I could have said
And made me feel so dumb
But you thought it was funny anyway
And little did you know
That encouragement led me to become
Even more obnoxious.
Well, that was the word you used
I preferred impish or spritely
I often wondered though if it was from encouragement
Or from me trying to be your foil
I found it funny
That our MBTI types
Were the reverse
Like our birthdays
You were ISFJ
Also like my mother.
I don’t know if I ever told you this
But my dad wrote about my mother
In the letter I got on my senior retreat
He wrote on and on about her
He kept saying
Your mother is a very wise woman, Hunter
Even though I knew
I don’t think I understood
Until you.

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A tale as old as time

I threaten to become
an old, sweetly oozing problem.
A piece of skin that by giving in
And salving
Feeds the wound.

I threaten to become
A perfect little printer jam.
A bit of paper that neatly wrinkled
And newly worn
That fuels your scorn.

I threaten to stay
A pet rabbit that should have ran
Tragically drowning slow
In a bathtub full of shit
Begging for more.

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Haikus found in a Confessional

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Nothing to Lose

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Reasons for my love

I love the way she wears the sun

In her hair; and the way the rain

Beads on her delicate shoulders;

I love when her eyelids flutter

In early morning springtime breeze;

I love the way she pouts and sulks

When things don’t seem to go her way;

I love it when she feigns anger

That’s soon betrayed by a smile;

I love the look of guiltiness

On her face after we make love;

I love her child-like naiveté;

Her occasional whininess

And vagaries that define her.

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You were always
My deadliest confessions
Brutal compulsions
My neon obsession
The highlights of lows
I came to live and breathe
Lips laced with acid
Every kiss began to seethe
Touches of torment
Vengeful hands canvas me
Tainted flesh glowing
Such a monstrous vanity
I was always
Your darkest deception
Bitter conclusions
My neon depression  

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I can chalk on a sidewalk
The most beautiful mosaic
I can whittle a tree
Into an intricate clock
I can paint a most
Serene scene
I can draw
A moving image
I can mold
The most exquisite vase,
But when it comes
To the canvas
Of your body
I don't know
What else 
I could possibly do
To make
You any more beautiful,
With curves
Challenging nature
I've never lost my cool
At seeing such shapes
Not like how they fit on you,
Your beauty is unsettling
Were I a toddler sorting
Different shaped rods
Your eyes for stars
All your curves for spheres
I could keep going but you must understand
We fit together
Better than K'nex and Duplo,
In body heart and mind...
APAD13 -077

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I wish I could
Star sixty nine
Myself back to you
By your side
In a flash,
I wish I could
Return to sender
Myself back to you,
By your side
In no time,
Between you and I
There should be
No distance
No time,
It should just be
You and I 
No 'in between'
Or between,
No translation
No need to understand
Just feeling
Just love,
Because if it did
Then what we have
Wouldn't be for reals
As we are cryptic
Code unlike Morse,
All heart
And no mind
No one minding
Just love abiding...
APAD13 - 78 © okpoet

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