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My best friend has fallen in love

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I tell everyone......


I tell everyone about you


I tell them of the sunlight in your smile, the ocean in your eyes. I tell

them how my love for you is a mountain. Unshakeable. I tell them how you loved

me once but like the forest you grew too fast and i was lost in the undergrowth

as you reached for the heavens.


I try to explain that my love for you is not destructive and though one sided as it

is, you make me well. My failings diminish and I feel almost worthy of attention

but there is only one who's attention I seek to hold. But you look to the sea shore as I

float to snow covered peaks, my soul; no longer burdened by twenty-one grams is

carried to heights by a dreamers dream of lightning dancing with water. I try to

explain that my love for you is not destructive


I tell them how I love you and now they don't call me anymore because they

cannot understand how I speak of love and it tastes like pain. They cannot

understand the chaos of longing unreturned tattooed across my brow even as your

name stains my lips with joy as it spills forth


I try to explain with a smile but the tears fall. I smile and cry all at once

and my voice fails me for your residue in my soul lifts me to such heights that

I cannot breathe. The boundaries of the sky are not for the living so I am torn

back to the dust and mud by the gravity of your face turning away from mine,

crashing down with anchors around my waist sculpted by words said in haste only to

be reworked and shaped for another. Words hung in both our galleries but I know

the form and flow, it is not a new piece He holds but one stolen from the walls

in me and replaced with counterfeit nothings. Watermarks cannot be reproduced

and those that stain my face are far from dry.


Does He know that those words painted on his chest are mine? That the art

staining his flesh is an echo of the masterpiece that you sketched across my

bones? They are watercolors that leak from my broken eyes, I am losing you one

drop at a time but you are an ocean and I will shed floods of you and still

drown each morning


Some have said move on, some say get over it.


But there is nowhere to move on the mountains peak, how can I get over you

when you are Everest? I am standing on top of the world and there is but one

place higher, though I am not Icarus. You know, it takes forty two and a half

seconds to fall from the roof of the world. Thats seventy three i love you's and damn it if i

dont say them every time...

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Words do no justice


I dreamt in poetry last night, I cannot remember a single word but I felt the art in my bones. Tried as I did to recall the pentameter it eluded my thoughts, fleeting shadows of metaphor and beauty. But you were there. This I know.

The image was spring mist and pastel blur, shifting heart-swells carried me aloft. I felt you rather than witnessed and that was far more tangible for the viewing. Perhaps there was not poetry as verse or couplet but movement and sensation, the enchanting poetry of your soul infused with my dreamscape. Whatever the truth of brushstrokes laid on masterpieces of desire, we were there and poetry was your sweet breath across my cheek.

I dreamt in poetry last night and awoke to find the stanzas contained no words, only you.

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Solaris kai Lunitari


As night trickles in

Helios hovers off shore

Bringing you my love


Day breaks on your skin

As Selene bathes mine, milk white

Pure as hearts desire


Half of Gaia’s girth

Spreads betwixt and between we

Sun and Moon our guise

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One last song before you go - A jayarrarr prompt


There is a symphony behind your eyes

A crescendo that builds on the corners of your smile

When I look at you it is music

Sweet, powerful. Moving

The lyric of your a cappella laughter drives me to duet

Sing to me as only you can, lift me with that falsetto spirit

Carry me through the day on chords of joy

There is a soundtrack to all lives and yours,

With cadence that speaks beyond language

Has infused itself in my score

The night is almost upon us, but my heart’s three-four beat


Leave me not mid set

One last song before you go? 

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Bones ache as love fails

Brittle, malnourished, fading

Light turns night. A grave



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To Hell and back

Creaks and groans from tired, unwilling bones

Threatening mutiny under the weight of recent ill

They have had their fill

I have too

It would be shortsighted to blame you

I pass no condemnation to any

When shoulders can bear a load as they must

I have spit and I have cussed

Though, no venom for your ears

All crimson disappears and I find my heart swelling once more

For the one I adore, the one I will wade

Into Stygian depths for

If it is asked of me, you see.......

I love you eternally

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Having Kittens

We drowned the litter 
in a black bag by the
river never forgetting to 
feed each one milk.

It tugged at your fingers
purring as the white nectar
squeezed out from a bottle
landed on each small wet tongue.

We’d met one week one summer
there and then moved in together
greeted by chubby Mother moulting
by the empty fireplace.

Then came the Autumn that nipped at our heels,
feeding us bone soup and canned dog food.
The days and our cash were short.

That Christmas Day we ate our last supper in toast of 
the year’s survival; rice, peas, red wine;
whilst Mother screamed wrenching five 
out of her five covered in blood, mucus, miracles.

You blew the last cash on a pair of blunt scissors
and I sweeped your hair into the fire. Mother was stiff
her fur damp with the spit of her five furless spawn
mewing and licking at the dry lumps on her chest.

After, you’d leave me there to watch the bubbles
rise then stop, thinking the days were never
long enough the nights were never 
fast enough the water never 
deep enough for me the day 
we drowned the litter in a black bag
by the river.

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Man of Steel


When I was 13 I dreamed you up
Told my mother I feared I’d never fall in love 
This boy in my head was too much
And he did not exist

The next year I found you
You and your carefully calculated words 
I knew you had to have used
On a hundred different girls

Still my walls, I had spent my life
Building strong and sturdy 
in effort to make love impossible
For fear I might end up
Broken and hungry for this four letter drug
Like the mother who raised me,
Were blown away in an instant

Like a house made of straw will surely be
Obliterated by the oncoming tornado
Leaving me bare and naked swimming
In a pool of my insecurities and doubts
Pouring out of my mouth 
And onto the tips of my fingers 
Carefully pressing keys into the message I had to get to you
Because I thought you had to know

Every moment of every day 
Soft whispers of “I love you”
Would drip from my lips because I knew
Otherwise the reservoir I could hear
Creaking inside of me would burst

But you couldn’t have known what you would do to me
By taking me out of my bubble and letting me breathe 
It was too much oxygen for the brain
I couldn’t take it

Overwhelmed by my new sense of awareness 
I just wanted everything to stop spinning, moving, living, moving, breathing, moving

I pushed you away hoping to find some sort of equilibrium 
But you saw I was bare and defenseless 
So instead of allowing yourself to be pushed away
You wrapped yourself around me and became my walls of steel

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This heart you hold, its garnet glow
to dust it fell, you wash it clean
a thread of tears, through it you sew
this heart, you hold its garnet glow
and tie it with a christmas bow,
thus love remains as evergreen.
This heart you hold, its garnet glow
to dust it fell, you wash it clean