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Fireworks and Grenades

We were fireworks and grenades
In glorious explosions of terrifying danger
We climbed cliffs only to throw ourselves off
Just to feel the rush of the wind before the crash
We were toxic
We were murderous
But oh, the moments of elation

During the highs
I actually believed we were flying 

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The Late Worm Gets the Bird

I always hated starting my poems like this, but
the other night I had a dream.
The first time I had seen you in 2 years.
But every shot of you
was from low angle view
like some sort of subconscious director
was influencing my perception
Still, unlike most
I find it hard to find much nice to say about you
(except that you were attractive.)
I know I once could,
but now
I'm unsure if your true nature
is either too known to me
or too obscured by my opinions.
Though your father told me
while we were both drunk in Mexico
"You're a lot better to her than she'll be to you; get out."
So maybe I was right about you
or maybe your father knew something about the situation I didn't yet. 
I remember you used to tell me about the boys you'd date
And certainly you knew how that affected me.
I always felt like you loved to watch me squirm.
How long did you think I'd sit beneath you
and be your little worm?
But one day of course
you'll fall to the ground
and I'll rip apart your corpse. 

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I had
A heart attack,
But it wasn't mine,
It was yours;
That disarmed me,
With your hair loose
You've unraveled me,
You distract me
Comet out of 
It's course,
If I continue this way
I will crash
With the sun,
And from there I'll emerge fierce
Volcano of desires
For you,
With but a simple
Brush of your skin
With the mercury
Of my soul aflame,
If we united
In this moment
The planets
Would align
And new galaxies
Would be born,
All this plays
In front of my eyes
I on the ground
Attack from your heart;
I don't defend myself
Because these battles
You will always win...
APAD13 - 036 

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Too Late

"I'm going to show you what you mean to me," she whispered, so much smoke down my lungs.

She kissed me, fierce and full of fire. Her lips tasted like cinnamon bubblegum. Her eyes only half-closed. Her face only half-relaxed in rapture. Her teeth seemed to sharpen as she bit my lip, deep down to the blood inside. She tasted what ran through me and only then did she moan.

She tore fingernails across my shoulder-blades, like she wanted to slide her knuckles deep into the muscle underneath. She wanted to play with me like putty, like raw hamburger. She wanted her palms under my skin, wanted to knead me into a shape that made her salivate.

So she did just that.

She rode me like a rickety shack under storm winds. She rattled my two little windows with slaps and shakes and shudders. She huffed and puffed  into my left ear as she went up, over, through me, and down again. She made me want to buckle.

When I did, she rode me down.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her, soft and sweet. She tried, she really did, but soon enough, she bit my lips again. She made it hurt. She made it hot. She didn't make it sweet.

She started to cry. I held her close; she shook and fought and flinched. She flinched. Soft hurt.

She slapped my face again, hard enough to make my jaws go clack and scrape my tongue red.

"I tried," she whispered, so much smoke exhaled, leaving behind a mess of tar.

And with that, she left and I never saw her again.

(Prompt: "Last Line: ‘And with that, she left and I never saw her again.’" - towriteprompts.)

(c) 2013 Lawerence Hawkins

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I know
I can't
Love you
Until the end of time
Because I don't know
If that ever will or can be,
The earth is
4.5 billion years old
And I don't see
Its demise anywhere near,
And if our souls could
I'd hope to find you
Over and over again,
But for now
In this lifetime
I hope
All the words
I've ever written
Will survive me;
My greatest
Tribute to you;
Longer lasting
Than any Styrofoam
Or diamond,
And they,
They alone
Will love you
Until the end
Whenever that is so...
APAD13 - 065

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I gave her
My mind
To fill
I gave her
My heart
To drain,
I gave her
My love
To take take take,
And she took took took,
It was an
All she could take
And I let her
As I gave gave gave
Never questioning
Never expecting
Never tabulating
A bill,
Even if she'll never
Ask for the check,
I'll never kick her out
I'll let her
Have her fill
Over and over
Maybe maybe
She'll find it all
Too delicious
And she'll sit there
Never finishing her dessert
And she'll never walk out...
APAD13 - 066

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"I and You and We"

It's a melting down

watching the scars slip

further and further away

in the heat of the day

For even at 

the apex of the sun

there is a letting go

and in the release

we witness the magic 

of a sunrise

the peppering 

of the night sky

a perfectly swollen moon

And I

get to see mirrored

in your chocolate eyes

all that I feel for you

as we hold on

so very tenderly



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Hors d'oeuvres...

I served
My heart's feelings
Hors d'oeuvres
Upon a platter
And she sampled
Until it was all gone,
And I thought
That was
The end of that,
But she
Wanted more
Filet mignon and caviar
Vintage wines and cheeses,
And I
Couldn't didn't want to provide
All that she aspired to,
So she walked out
And I
Made more
Hors d'oeuvres
For the next
But they can't see
That these feelings
I serve to one and all,
Are just what I yearn
For myself;
And I do not
Wish to indulge them
Without equal measure
In return,
This taste of excellence
Gateway to Nirvana...
APAD13 - 067

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Trash Can Love Story

Toppled buildings, vines creeping

Look out the window, dear self

Crying foundations, basements peeking

No longer safe on my soul’s shelf.

We aren’t the same, myself and I

Myself thirst life voraciously

I, myself prefer curling up to die.

Out wait sanity patiently

You, stained on this table

Became part of this;

This trash-can love-fable

Gargled, broken bliss.

Stone bridges won’t ignite

Alas, memories forever built
Mine’s a cold, troubled plight

Myself and I begin to wilt.