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I wake up,
Possibly drunk.

Trying to remember 
The last thing I remember.

I think I ate a steak?

I’m alone.
Which is strange because I know 
I brought her.

At least I found a bed,
But I lost a  lover.

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this crow


... like a pirate,

this one-eyed crow


me ... becomes my

neighborhood friend - caws

and clammers - 


does it tell me stories?


- i wonder 


what secrets it knows

about witches?


...  it watches me and 


my mind - it seems;


dark with murder

it devours

worms - like a

civic duty -


i smile

it stares - like the moon ...


if only it played

the banjo



would return

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Polythene Ham

Well you should see Polythene Ham
It’s so good-looking when it’s smothered in jam
Well you should try it in gravy it’ll drive your taste buds crazy
Yes you should see Polythene Ham
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Get a dose of it in slices and strips
It sizzle-frizzles when it’s juicy it drips
Well it’s the kind of ham that makes the “News of the Pan”
Yes you could say it tastes the best served with chips
Yeah, yeah, yeah