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Fille disparue

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inspira’s lair



Dive deeply 

into the melody

to find inspira’s lair  

where she rests cradled 

behind lush wafting leaves 

brushing past your face, tickling ears 

body hovering, buoyed 

by a feathered mind  

shades protecting your eyes

two closed, third open

low riding to your highness  

vying for her favor 

that she may point her elusive

and enigmatic smile

your way.



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i wrote a poem about shoelaces 
but it got lost.

i don’t remember what it was about, 
but there was a tsunami that crashed 
into me and took out the power station 
at the end of the road so the lights 
went out and i couldn’t see what i was 
writing so i made light for myself 

so i lit the paper on fire and finished it 
before the paper burned to the words 

and i’ll go to sleep now but when i wake up 
at seven in the morning, i’ll slip into my skin 
and put on the mask with the smile and 
try to remember what 

i was saying 
about my