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Skewed Dogma by richard lynn livesay

 the dark sky rumbled

climbing the underbelly                                               

of purgatory’s stained stairs


my reality splintered

reaching the end of what I knew

before being inverted to meta-neutrinos


magic toads presented

copies of Sumerian cuneiform

introducing King Gilgamesh, I read,


after Ishtar was rejected by Gilgamesh

the Bull of heaven appeared and

the king’s friend, Enkidu was mortally injured


collapsing on steep the steps, I saw

an angel named Lucifer come near

talking to the image of Zoroaster


blood of negativity dripped down the steps

and we fell into the lower bowels of the earth

screaming people were trying to eat my feet


then I saw Gabriel helping Enkidu crawl out                                 

followed in light, joining them on jagged rocks                                 

we passed through a golden portal surrounded


by thousands of poets in flight marking a path

and the poets chanted, the vibration carried us

on toward, but the earth had been shattered


desolate and unforgiving in its total destruction

but there in the clouds was the plain of heaven

No, the poets had created an alternate world


From within the hearts and minds, it became

And the hallowed mansions were shared

The inner manifestations reflected glory


And we lived in peace and love, sharing

Knowing that all contained the spirit of creation

Awaiting our positive energy to produce miracles.