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I was sitting
While the two of you were talking
About some political topic I had no interest in
You were defending your selfish, Republican views
While she sounded like the typical, self-inflated Democrat.
Meanwhile I sat to the side
Playing with a cheese knife
Because it was clear
You'd both seen too much news
To make up your own mind about an issue.
Eventually, you saw me,
And suddenly the knife was a novelty.
Something you had to play with
So you asked me to see it.
I obliged knowing that once you had the knife
You'd quickly lose interest
Like a child wanting the toy another had
Because another had it.
While she eyeing me sitting silently
Assumed I knew nothing about what you were talking about
And tried her best to help explain
(So I would only see her side as right)
When she didn't understand I didn't want her help.
You put down the knife in a minute
And resumed arguing
Then, forgetting about me
She did too.
And the whole time,
The two of you
Never solved a single issue.