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i could throw together
an adjective or two
and those words
may just impress you
for only a minute or two

but of all the words
i write in english
or with my pen
none could ever bring
the true meaning
of my love for you
until times' end

you see when my bones grow old and brittle
and my skin begins to wrinkle
these words will stand tall and true
they'll never ever alter in their view

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The flames flicker
Red hot coals
A rhythmic glow
My love burning
Time through the glass

Choosing the burn
Elevate the pain
I have nothing left

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I know, sweetheart

I’ve been fooled before
just as you have
with stories
and smiles and situations
that make us feel as though,
there’s the feeling
there’s the one
only to find out,

it’s just another thanksgiving meal
not quite Christmas
not quite all hallows eve

So we rest in being fooled
and we laugh along
because the fool isn’t something done
on purpose
it’s just done.

we laugh along because we don’t
want them to know it hurts
we don’t want them to know the pain…
and it’s our hearts that suffer through it
moreover than theirs.

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the hardest part
of you and i
is not in saying hello
but in saying

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Jack's coffee NSFW

the curtains kept the room dark, dark enough to hinder details, but not dark enough to hide in.

the summer heat brought a glisten or a fine a sheen to her pores and made her blonde hair stick to her forehead as she gasped for air immediately following her first orgasm.

we had never been together before but i had seen her at the local coffee shop.  one day, to break the ice, i made some lame ass joke about her being a barista, only i pronounced it “bare-ass-ta" because i said i thought she had a fine ass.

she only faintly smiled and continued with her business, mixing things,
brewing things, and doing whatever it is those coffee guys do.

much to my surprise, though, she wrote a number on my cup and when she handed it to me, she winked.  i drummed up enough courage to call the number around 7 that night.

she said hello in a hot sultry voice.  i was hoping it was my ‘bare-ass-ta’
and not some prank she was trying to pull by giving me a co-worker’s number.

small talk led to things, things that are only usually shared with 900 number sex talk girls, and i was dying to find out if the carpet actually matched the drapes or not.  i asked if she would like to meet for a drink somewhere and she said that she’d rather just meet and fuck somewhere.  i laughed nervously, but all i heard was silence on the other end.

i cleared my throat and asked if she had any place in mind, and she said that she couldn’t at her place because her roommate was a cunt and wouldn’t understand if she decided to bring someone in just to fuck.  i offered my place and she simply asked if i had a basement.  i replied with a no, but my curiosity couldn’t let that question go.  i asked her why does she wonder about my having a basement.  she said, she’s watched too many episodes of Law and Order: SVU and didn’t want to end up as a shackled sex slave to some weirdo in their basement, hidden from society for the next 10 years or whatever.

i laughed.  i told her that i do have handcuffs and other restraints if she was interested, but i’m not going to push anything on her.  she giggled and simply said we’ll see.

i picked her up at her apartment twenty minutes later and she came out looking amazing.  i had never seen her outside of her work environment and she was stunning.  her blonde hair, curly and wavy, draped down to the middle of her back.  the color of eye shadow was just enough to accentuate her blue eyes, which could normally tear a hole right through steel.  her button up shirt was untucked from her waistband and yet tight enough to show her hard nipples, that weren’t restrained with a bra.  the skirt she wore was about mid-thigh length and somewhat loose.  i imagined that the mid-summer’s heat had something to do with her choice of clothing.

as she said in the passenger seat of my car, i was taken in by her milky white skin tone.  so smooth, so soft, so creamy.  i wasn’t sure i could make it back to my apartment knowing the bulge that was beginning to form in the crotch of my pants.

running several red lights before i made it home, she squealed with glee and kept saying "Faster, faster" every chance that she could.  i secretly thought to myself "yeah, you’ll be saying that again later, just not in my car."

i parked and went to her side to let her out like a gentleman (i’m not an animal, i just fuck like one).  as i opened the door, she threw one leg out at a time and gave me a show up her skirt.  no underwear and if my eyes weren’t playing games on me, the carpet couldn’t match the drapes because the carpet had been removed.

she giggled and took my hand as i led her inside.  i specifically turned off my air conditioning to make it hot and steamy in the house.  i wanted to sweat like a porn star and once we made it in, she started sweating.

i pointed out a few things in the house, trying to make some small talk when she grabbed hold of my arm, spun me around and stood on her tippy toes to plant her lips on mine.  i was surprised, but then my animal instincts took over.  my fingers worked the buttons on her shirt quickly and she grabbed the hem of my t-shirt to lift over my head.  our kiss was broken only momentarily as my clothing departed and i sneaked a peek at her tits.  her nipples were still hard and would remain that way as long as she was with me.

with her shirt completely unbuttoned, my hands roamed under her skirt.  i had confirmation that she wore no underwear and she was also dripping wet with anticipation.  i pushed two fingers inside of her and she moaned into my mouth.  her hands relieved my belt from my pants and pushed them to the floor as my hard cock sprung out and pointed at her.  she grabbed a hold of it, stroking it and then surprisingly leaped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist.

my cock acted like it had a mind of it’s own and jabbed upward and forward, seeking to penetrate her.  she lowered herself down a little and felt the tip my head before fully impaling herself onto it.  she was so wet, there was little resistance.  our kiss deepened itself and she was sucking away at my tongue while i pushed her up against the nearest wall in order to get a better angle of leverage.  she began to shake and scream in my mouth as the first of her countless orgasms started to rip through her body. 

i felt her pussy grip me tightly as my balls slapped against her asshole with every bounce she gave on my cock.

her hands went from being wrapped around my shoulders to gripping my beard as she tried with all of her might to become one with me.

i could feel her juices running down my hard cock and dripping off my balls.  i pulled my face away from hers and said, let’s take this to another room and she panted yes in agreement.  slowly she unwrapped her legs from me and my cock popped out of her pussy and wiped some of her wetness on her skirt.

i kicked my pants off of my ankles making me fully naked and led her, still partially clothed towards my bedroom.  as we passed by my couch, i stopped for a brief second in thought, and then pushed her over the back of it, bending her in half.  she squealed in surprise, but then moaned as i lifted her skirt and entered her cunt in one movement. 

she arched her back and steadied herself on the couch as i pushed my entire length into her.  she breathed in deeply and kept moaning as i slid myself in and out of her, reaching around and pinching her still hard nipples.

it was only a few dozen strokes before she started to shudder and spread her legs wider.  i knew it was another orgasm, so i picked up my pace and drove it into her faster, deeper.  i was thrusting so hard that my balls were slapping up against her clit which sent shock-waves through her whole body, enhancing her drive towards multiple orgasm.

after she started to come down from her climax, she lost control of her body and went limp.  i took that as a clue to pick her up and carry her into my bedroom.

once we were in, i pulled her shirt off and unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it off as well. 

two naked, sweat covered bodies.

she started to come back around and i took the opportunity to introduce my mouth to her bald pussy.  my tongue circled her clit like it was a carnival ride and she wrapped her legs around my head, pulling it and my beard into her.  my lips sucked her wet, red and raw lips into my mouth and i slipped my tongue in and out of her pussy, milking more juices, trying to get her to squirt.  what i got for a reward were more screams of orgasms and her hands grabbing my beard and pulling it to her face.

almost as if on cue, my cock buried deep inside her and our mouths met again, tongues swirling.  she wrapped her legs around my waist and lifted her ass up off the bed pumping my cock for everything it could.

i had lasted as long as i could and i couldn’t hold back any longer, so i drove my hard cock into her and made a sound of satisfaction.  i emptied myself into her and she climaxed as well, drawing every last bit of my cum out of me, crying out, "JACK," as i filled her with the last few pumps i could manage.

i stopped the barrage of sex and pulled my face away from hers, still inside of her, i kept the feeling of intimacy between us.  her fingers were still interlaced into my beard and she smiled.  her blonde hair was sweat matted against her forehead.

i smiled back and said, "where did you get that name?" 

she said, "It’s what you told me when I prepare your coffee every morning.  I’ve been waiting to scream it out for the past six months."

i laughed.

she asked, "what are you laughing about?"

"Jack isn’t my name.  It’s my bosses name.  I get coffee for my boss every morning.  You just had sex with my boss."

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Clint and Lisa

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Beat my Mom

My first book is available at LuLu.com TODAY!

Lying Truths:  words from beneath the beard

It’s already gotten rave reviews from the first
five people who have purchased it.

Ok, I lied.

Only one person has received it yet,
but I’m sure the other four will like it when
they do get their order!

And here’s a bit of surprising news…
my mom wasn’t one of those 5 buyers!

So go here now to beat my mom…
in buying my book!

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the knife and the bandaid

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fairy tales

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intimate connection (revised)

Lying beneath me,
we share our bodies
with each other.

Reaching up
and running your fingers
through my beard;
to me that is more intimate
than even the first time
you took me inside.

The connection made between
your hands and my face
is deeper than I can penetrate
you or your soul.

When our eyes lock,
in that moment,
we are