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How long shall this winter last?

Vast ocean to ice.

At least your breath warms me.

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water drips from faucet

             distant motor sound


loneliness is unbearable

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Solaris kai Lunitari


As night trickles in

Helios hovers off shore

Bringing you my love


Day breaks on your skin

As Selene bathes mine, milk white

Pure as hearts desire


Half of Gaia’s girth

Spreads betwixt and between we

Sun and Moon our guise

2 0 2


Bones ache as love fails

Brittle, malnourished, fading

Light turns night. A grave



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Haiku's from the Elliptical

1, 2 & 3

Some mornings I have

To remind myself something

Is always better


Than nothing at all

That thirty minutes on an

Elliptical is


Superior than not

Getting out of bed before

Ten in the morning



Cute boys in bro tanks

Bouncing bubble butts running

Around in spandex



Their pecs and nipples

Poking through their cutout shirts

Is why I get up


5 & 6

Five days a week means

Losing weight and flat stomachs

My clothes don’t fit


Pants are baggy and

Falling off my ass like a

Gangster with no belt



Some days I push so

Hard my heart feels like it will

Burst from my rib cage



Some days my abs hurt

So much it is difficult

To sit in a chair



I don’t work out to

Be healthy, I do it to

Look sexy in bed


10, 11, & 12

Losing the weight that

Has found its home in my mid

Section has boosted


My self-confidence

But knowing that I can skip

Meals like a high school


Senior skips classes

For roller coasters, is the

Monster in my head



I have ran for miles

In one place, I am now a

Stagnant traveler


14 & 15

The amount of sweat

Dripping off my shirt when I’m

Finished could save the


Lives of thousands, all

You need are water filters

And a thirsty mouth



The elliptical

Is an awful friend, boring

And helpful at once

3 0 3

water, water everywhere

as hail against glass
flicks of memory nudging me
melts of youth and age

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Roused from midnight sweats

Desires and haunting regrets

Nabokov dreams

3 0 3


Good old childhood tree,

your branches break, your trunk's cracked.

You are just like me.

2 0 2

The howling winds

of forthcoming winter

are those of my soul.

1 0 1

In Spring

Sweet words softly sung

From meek earth it gently sprung

Melts the winter's ice