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Big bad wolf won’t take
the swelling lungs to heart,
and a bad one at that-

Track marks state-lines long,
coast to coast: waiting, always
waiting for the final boast
from the dressed in red charlatan,
with wire taps on the crooked ties
that smoke by the pack.

Fairy tales died before
my blood boiled
at the sight of naked flesh,
and seeking a pound
without reason, is spun
fabric from dreams.

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The Idea of...

At first sight you might think

that your eyes are misleading

if the best of all worlds

seems to be at you greeting,

and I'd never blame you

--it's not mine to call--

when you choose to run

will you choose to fall?


Some say hello while

some say forever;

some say for worse and

some say for better;

some say its love

and sometimes it's true,

but likely it's just

the idea of you...

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Again, For The First Time

There are
that grow where 
only sunlight abides, where 
there is no air
to feed 
the lungs of an admirer
just passing through.
There are fields,
lush with wheat,
where the golden hue of 
is muted, 
and where violent winds
over and between stems,
like legs, stand
powerless to move
what is planted.
There exists only a terarium,
filled with treasures
starved of vibrance.
Tap on the glass,
wish for safe entry.
Scream to the world
that such beauty should be 
admired, held, and nurtured.
Cry tears like rain,
and let them slowly 
the boundaries.
Show, to the unloved,
that there is no distance
too far,
no barrier
I have walked
three thousand miles,
carrying flowers 
that have only known my light, 
listening to their pleas
for a taste
of your breath 
and dying, 
to know your touch.
I have plucked a bouquet,
and stand knee high
in fields of stilled wheat,
the best parts of me
in order to move you.
Your beauty 
weakens me at the knees,
so think fast and
open your heart.
Find the strength 
within you
to take a walk through 
the glass, through 
barriers erected to 
protect my heart
from thieves.
Claim what you own,
smile wide, and
let your kiss be the key.

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Where Pennies, Loose Change, and Singled-Out-Socks Go

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she was dickinson

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Novels I Never Got Around to Reading but Wanted To.

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This Bitter Cold ...

The bitter cold bites me in the arse

temperature drops the ten inch mercury,

I shivered as time stood still

The air dead frozen, muffing my ears.


Sun shining high up in the sky

its so called warmth told us lies,

I see no clouds and I highly doubt

that Winter will be nice to us.


As I sit my lazy arse on my bed

covering myself with all the blankets,

No warmth was given

but I fight on, Living

for another day.

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the sky was the
color of old
steel and it
made us cling
to the hopes
that sunshine would
come one day,
but tears from
angles unseen fell
as we said goodbye
to the time you had left- 

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In many minds

I view mankind

but only that

would seem quite dull

if I could learn

from nothing else

there wouldn't be

that much to know.


The way the wind

separates the grass;

the way the snow

would ice the ground.

Would I need that

along the road,

and in what way

could it help out?


Definitive is fine

if you are

bold enough

to think you're wise,

but how are you

to learn a thing

if you would never

question: why?!