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the shadow of the spotlight

he always stood in the shadow
of his older brother.
never able to outshine him
because he wasn't as blessed,
athletically, as his sibling.

the elder moved on,
graduating into life,
as life takes us into her grim reality.

the younger saw his chance,
his opportunity,
and he worked hard to put himself
in the best place,
in order to be the one to shine.

concentrating and working
shaping and reshaping
tearing down and building
constantly rebuilding
until everything was right...
...or so he thought.

early on,
it appeared as though
it would be enough,
but he was finally run down
and beaten.

his place in the team...
torn away

not because he didn't work hard enough
not because if politics
not because he doesn't deserve it
but because he just wasn't fast enough

so now he runs with a chip on his shoulder
working that much harder
working that much longer
working that much more
to earn that spot back
and to get that spotlight back on him, again.

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Sixth Grade At Recess

the girls all played hopscotch and four square
while us men played kick ball
and chewed beach-nut wintergreen
i swallowed that shit when danny albrecht hit me in the back
on the way to first
i never did like that asshole


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the good fight


people fight

for their ideas,

for their values,

for their honor,

for their families,

and for their nations.


others also fight;

but, they fight

for their next breath.

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It was one of those longing nights

It was one of those longing nights

(where you'd pretend to be dazed)

watching the flickering advertisements

comprising 80% of some five year old re-run.

People would come into the room,

and ask you what you were watching,

but you'd just grunt out some ill-inspired explanation

(that sounded more like it was coming

from your nose than your mouth).

The truth was you weren't paying attention at all.

It was that kind of night for me.


I sat there thinking too hard for my own good--

bumper cars were riding off the flat bed

and shorting out, while the rest

wouldn't stop slamming into each other

(even after the attendant had showed up to close the ride).

My mind was a child's attempt at a car crash,

"but mommy, I wanna keep playing!"

"I'm sorry dear, but we have to go..."

and kick and scream all the way home

because you wanted control;

because you didn't feel like you had any.


I had some serious decisions to make:

would I leave to shape a world for myself,

or stick like chewed gum

to the bottom of a tiny desk,

and listen to the preachings of a textbook.

Would I go with the girl I equated to nature--

bold and beautiful and never failing to surprise

when the weatherman would spread his rumors.

Would I find a passion I could be dedicated to?

Would I be proud or hate myself?

Would I?  Could I?  I really didn't know,

but I'm going to find out,

and I turned off the television set...

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starting over
yet to continue on
along a path long ago set
set in stone
looking for something
something missing
brings me to you
let me one day find my resting place
a place to settle
to lay my head
and a place to set my pen
upon my paper




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  Self-creation, from
                        And the
becomes a target-

Breaking, this
concrete synapse
is impossible,

  Self-creation, from

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this life is a pawn shop.

we all bring ourselves to

the table, showing off

that which we feel makes us

most valuable.

we're all a little bit

beat up and used,

but none of us really believe

that we've lost all our value.

this life is all about

trying to determine

who agrees enough to

buy into us.

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Big bad wolf won’t take
the swelling lungs to heart,
and a bad one at that-

Track marks state-lines long,
coast to coast: waiting, always
waiting for the final boast
from the dressed in red charlatan,
with wire taps on the crooked ties
that smoke by the pack.

Fairy tales died before
my blood boiled
at the sight of naked flesh,
and seeking a pound
without reason, is spun
fabric from dreams.

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The Idea of...

At first sight you might think

that your eyes are misleading

if the best of all worlds

seems to be at you greeting,

and I'd never blame you

--it's not mine to call--

when you choose to run

will you choose to fall?


Some say hello while

some say forever;

some say for worse and

some say for better;

some say its love

and sometimes it's true,

but likely it's just

the idea of you...