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The flames flicker
Red hot coals
A rhythmic glow
My love burning
Time through the glass

Choosing the burn
Elevate the pain
I have nothing left

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I know, sweetheart

I’ve been fooled before
just as you have
with stories
and smiles and situations
that make us feel as though,
there’s the feeling
there’s the one
only to find out,

it’s just another thanksgiving meal
not quite Christmas
not quite all hallows eve

So we rest in being fooled
and we laugh along
because the fool isn’t something done
on purpose
it’s just done.

we laugh along because we don’t
want them to know it hurts
we don’t want them to know the pain…
and it’s our hearts that suffer through it
moreover than theirs.

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the hardest part
of you and i
is not in saying hello
but in saying

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Where Do the Ducks Go?

A young man once asked

a cab driver in a troubled voice,

“Where do the ducks go

in the wintertime?”


Call me ignorant.

Call me out on my simplicity,

but similar thoughts have crossed my mind.


You shake your head at me,

rolling your stormy blue eyes.

You tell me they fly south

just like the robins and the geese.


But, as you sit there

with a smug smile pursed on your lips,

I can’t help but wonder

about the last one to hatch--

the runt of the bunch that struggled

to free himself from his warm white enclosure.


I can’t help but think

of the yellow ball of fluff

that still waddles behind his mother,

watching wide-eyed from the ground

while his brothers take off into the horizon.


Where do the ducks go

when the pond freezes over?


Where do we go when

the icy wind is at our faces,

and we’re not sure if we can fly? 

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I miss you

I miss you

like an ache in my bones

contracted muscles

encompassing an empty space

wandering eyes

to find a reminder on my finger


carved into my skull

that'll never reach my lips

my mouth going through the motions

but never amounting to much

and my fingers

inching towards

but never hitting 

the send button

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Don't Forget My Name

They say that sex is more than just 
another way to numb the lonely nights.
Until now, I believed 
it would never be more than that
for someone like me.
But, when I look at you, I see everything
I've spent the last five years searching for
in the beds of men who never
remembered my name in the morning.
Don't just fuck me like the rest of them, baby,
Show me that love isn't just a word used in 
fairytales and chick flicks.
Don't forget my name.

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Rape Culture

When you’re ten
and your father’s
friends grin
and tell you how nicely
you’re developing, 
you learn to keep playing
and say thank you
because you’re still
too young to understand
just what they mean 
by that. 
When you’re thirteen
and your mother’s
lover buys you a new 
dress because
“it’ll look sexy on you”,
you learn to wear it  
no matter how much you
hate it
and say thank you 
because you don’t want
to cause another argument.
When you’re sixteen
and that guy on the football team
spikes your drink at a party
and muffles your screams with
his fist as he 
slams himself into you
you learn to keep your mouth
and say thank you
because you know nobody
is going to believe you
if you tell the
When you’re twenty
and your mind gets the best of you
telling you it was all your fault, 
you deserved it,
nobody will ever want you now, 
you learn to
and say thank you
because you know that
for the first time
the power is in your

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Some say they've seen another world
where life and death collide
and all the earthly darkness
suddenly seems insignificant.
God, they say, waits on the other side,
offering salvation for a life well spent.
I've never been a big believer in angels and the heavens,
but some nights, I sit up wondering if maybe
there is more to this life than just
shooting whiskey and writing bad poetry.
Maybe God is up there saying
"Don't worry, darlin', it'll all be worth it someday."

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It's been two years since I've seen
your beautiful faces
So many birthdays passed,
so many milestones reached,
brother, I heard you brought
your first child into the world,
and brother, I hear she's
beautiful- the spitting image
of her mother.
You're the only person who
understands why I 
ran out the door that Christmas
and never came home, but brother,
I need you to promise me you'll
remind our sisters of all
the love we shared before things
went wrong.
I can no longer live knowing
they blame me for leaving
them behind.
I should have stayed to protect them,
I know that now, 
but brother, we both know it's far too late.
I hope someday they grow up
and realize that it was a decision I had
to make,
I hope they see that I have spent
everyday since dreaming of the day
when I can finally see them once again
and save them from the abuse I left
between the walls of
our small suburban home
And brother, I need you to promise me one thing.
Promise you won't let them forget me.
Please, don't let them forget me.
I need them, brother. 
I'll never let go.

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Maybe Someday

There are nights when I sit up
wondering if things will always end this way.
I’ve spent years in the beds of men
who didn’t deserve my body
and never cared for my mind
or the thoughts that ran through it
as their fingers ran through my hair
and I refuse to waste another day
being treated like a falling star when
I was born to burn like the sun.
I am more than a temporary fix for
your lonely days,
I am more than the heart, bleeding
on my sleeve.
I am the clouds in a stormy sky
and goddamn it, someday
this rain will clear up and the darkness
raging through me will evaporate
into the most beautiful rainbow
your sorry eyes have ever seen.
Maybe someday someone will come
along who doesn’t dull
the color radiating through my
Maybe someday someone will come
along who knows what love
Maybe someday.