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could I? ( w/ cosmic echo )


could I 
put paper on
words - damned and random;
be just mainly, 
passably, artistic?

meh, clever?
no… great!

what say?

would readers 
that so page this
on places random, totally in breaks, 
line making -
be more caring, without?

could I 
order reverse in it, 
within, words all -
and poetry 

could i?

could i?


i could

i could

write poetry
and all words within it 
in reverse order

i could
without caring more,
be making line breaks 
in totally random places on this page 
so that readers would say, what?

would it be great? no.
would it be clever? meh
would it be artistic? passably

mainly, just be random and damned words
on paper, put;

i could.

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Sincerely, alcohol.

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