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Warm sunlight springs from
fissures in preterition
filling cavities
with sweet waves of joy breaking
through the shadows of my past

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We are carbon and vessels
calcium pillars pressed together
epidermal wars with
limbs and fingers for soldiers
Each sigh like a line from
my favorite poem
your whispers unravel the bonds
keeping my flesh from yours
pressing these layers of keratin
into you with a desperate hunger
I breath you in
a vacuum of ecstasy
consuming your words and gasps
and my name, my name, my name
letters on the dashed lines
of your soft lips
and my skin, my skin, my skin
clings to yours like that
formaldehyde formula
on your fingertips

0 0 0


eyes bury me beneath their gaze
heart heavy with these memories
lost in your mouth your breath a haze
eyes bury me beneath their gaze
i split in two, my mind decays
love fills me fatal as disease
eyes bury me beneath their gaze
heart heavy with these memories

0 0 0


heavy on the mind,
on the Rock of Gibraltar
of my heart.
And the taxi driver
stunk of midlife failure,
greasy burritos,
and an over-application
of air freshener.

Like a let-down superhero
at the sleazy happy hour,
knocking back the capped pints,
spilling his heart and guts
to any dolled up and fishnetted whore
who’ll listen,

I’m more than capable,
just at the bottom

of a place where no such powers exist.

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The Fall

It is December 21, 2012.
The End of Days has come
and Apocalypse is upon us.

God is descending upon the Earth,
to pass judgement on mankind.

But He lands awkwardly
and now lies
mortally wounded
on the ground.

All humanity,
the dead from years past,
the living
and the unborn from years to come
encircle Him.

The dead wonder
what the Afterworld would become
without God’s presence,
the living consider
how lives will change
with the Divine Being gone, 
the unborn plan for existence
in a world 
devoid of its Creator.   

Believers and non-believers
feel exactly the same way
for precisely the opposite reasons:
The faithful are horrified
that God is dying
but are gratified 
that their faith has not been in vain,
while atheists are horrified
that the Almighty does exist,
but are gratified He is dying.

And so the King of Kings
lies prostrate
at humanity’s feet,
fatally injured by the fall.

Yesterday it was God,
looking at us from up above,
judging and deciding our fates.
Now the perspective has changed
and we are looking down at Him,
pondering if we should extend
a helping hand,
if it is our duty
to try to save the life
of the fallen, dying God?

Or should we pretend
we don’t see Him,
the way He ignored mankind
in its hours of peril
and took no notice
when we pleaded to Him
in our most fervent,
most desperate prayers.
And then
a dead child
emerges out of the
runs up to God
with no trace of hesitation,
finishes Him off
with a shot
to the head.

7 0 7

i will carry you

i will carry you
when you cannot gather
your feet under you,
i will carry you.

i will carry you
when your steps seem to falter
and your stride fails,
i will carry you.

i will carry you
when life becomes too much
and you lose your center,
i will carry you.

i will carry you
when you face any mountain
and through the dark of every valley,
i will carry you.

i will carry you
this i forever promise
and hereby vow to be true,
i will carry you.

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This Bitter Cold ...

The bitter cold bites me in the arse

temperature drops the ten inch mercury,

I shivered as time stood still

The air dead frozen, muffing my ears.


Sun shining high up in the sky

its so called warmth told us lies,

I see no clouds and I highly doubt

that Winter will be nice to us.


As I sit my lazy arse on my bed

covering myself with all the blankets,

No warmth was given

but I fight on, Living

for another day.