8 0 8

Pike County, Indiana '98

a wide flat dusty road becomes a
soup of hydrogen, carbon
as engines are left to rot

there are

truths scratched in the dirt.
empty crossings on corners speak of
transportation for the dead
old and broken down

this is

the burden of time
to see vultures wait for rust
as ghosts carve the valley 

2 0 2

Steuben County, Indiana '83

ghosts of engine blood, engine fire
rows of roots huddle in brown drawn

fields. the grain sieved from straw,
no hunger is forestalled--each dawn

is made of dust. scatter their skulls, these
bones of old industry & fold skeleton tractors

beneath a crested sun, a rusting barn roof.
smoke sings of death by drought, a burn ban

issued in a land of ashes,
winged seeds & a tar black feather ball.

nothing begat barren land.