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Love Cries

Love was a boy who I saw smile

He cut through my darkness like a ray of sunshine

He illuminate all I thought was lost,

And helped me learn to ignore my demons


I couldn't see how he hurt 

He soaked up sadness like a dry sponge,

And darkness consumed him

He was being eaten alive


He looks like the love he will never feel

He drinks his own blood from a cup 

Crafted from the lies of those who said they loved him,

But the more he is filled, the greater the void in his soul


His eyes that once shone with mystery

Now only prove broken misery

And the once romantic idea of love

Is replaced by the sorrowful sadness

Of a love that would not be loved 


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In dusky mist,

she walks forlorn,

among the pillars stone.

With dauntless grace

she does beset

timidity intrinsic.


Now is the time for bravery.

Searching to be done.

In quest alone abetted not

save darkest diety.


Her reprieve

scant at best.

No time to misemploy.

He waits for her

in trangressions shroud.

His recrimination tasted.


The pain is sharp,

the lesions deep,

a wound that cannot heal.

Until whats lost

is found to her.

Flightless wings of ebony.


From shoulders torn

by hands unknown

clinging to salvation.

Her empathy was

his ransom met.

Now is her desolation.


Inflections made

in tenor loud

unheard by mortal ear.

Perceived by legions

all the same

her crux  of desperation.


Walking now

in darkness deep

among the pillars stone.

All thats left to acquiesce.

Her fate is his alone.