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Love Cries

Love was a boy who I saw smile

He cut through my darkness like a ray of sunshine

He illuminate all I thought was lost,

And helped me learn to ignore my demons


I couldn't see how he hurt 

He soaked up sadness like a dry sponge,

And darkness consumed him

He was being eaten alive


He looks like the love he will never feel

He drinks his own blood from a cup 

Crafted from the lies of those who said they loved him,

But the more he is filled, the greater the void in his soul


His eyes that once shone with mystery

Now only prove broken misery

And the once romantic idea of love

Is replaced by the sorrowful sadness

Of a love that would not be loved 


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Emptiness is a lie

It actually fills you

Not with instants of happiness or joy

No, emptiness rips out your feelings, and it crawls in to that empty space, preventing anything from ever filling you. 

It invades your mind 

Emptiness is an asshole.

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there there

there there

i opened my eyes and found myself on my back, looking up at her as long hair drifted across my face. there were sparse rays of light throughout the room.

“where are we going?” I asked quietly.

she supported herself with her arms pinned against mine, holding me to the ground. with the only source of light being the moon at her back, i couldn’t make out her face.

“where we always go” she replied.

behind her were three open windows with sheer curtains moving in response to the wind. her hair flowed with them in perfect parallel.

“why won’t you just reveal yourself?” i questioned.

she looked away and pushed herself off of me. standing up, she glided to the windows and put her foot on the ledge. i could hear her begin to whimper.

“because you aren’t ready. you can’t handle it yet” she answered.

i sat up and brought my knees to my chest. i could smell salt in the air. i looked from side to side and noticed i was wearing a wool hat that covered my ears. i smiled to myself and looked up.

“fair enough. are you ready to go?” i asked as i brought myself to my feet.

i walked over slowly, took her hand and looked out at the water. seven to eight stories up with nothing but water visible underneath. we leaned forward and gazed down & at each other. even with the moon illuminating the surroundings, she was still only an unintelligible figure.

“you can make it” she assured me.

as we stepped off the ledge simultaneously, we fell upwards and away.

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Bad Dreams

Pale moon light

No movement in sight.

Empty and heavy

My heart goes weary.


Woke up from a bad dream

So terrifying and grim.

I looked outside the windows

And all I see are shadows


It is still a long night

Morning is far from sight.


I sat up to ease myself

It's all in my head. Compose yourself!


So I got up, had a glass of water.

I told myself it's going to be better. 

But that reassurance is all for naught

"I'm drowning! I'm drowning!" is all I thought.