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Black Eyes

Her eyes were as black as a caves interior, just like the darkness I found myself staring into them wondering what they contained.

Her eyes were as black as 3 am, just like the night sky I found myself gazing into them, admiring their beauty and that twinkle that I dare call a star 

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Soil-Filled Eyes

These hidden calamities wind, serpentine,
through dark channels in piecemeal consciousness,
centennial consciousness, 
and misunderstand,
missed, under stand, and
sing of the sadness which aims
soil-filled eyes 
on soiled souls.

Why plague people seeking hope?
Those who wish for nothing more than sleep,
contented sleep,
with nightmareless dreams -
dreams - mareless nights
and sighing sorry sights -
in soil-filled eyes
of soiled souls.

Perhaps they are a mortal curse
upon all who dare to look beyond the lines,
the lines beyond,
the lives beyond.
Dead be yon’ lives,
who dare to see
with soil-filled eyes
the soiled souls.

Maybe they are screams of sinful pasts,
of those whose stories have lain climaxed,
star-crossed climaxes
and fatal plummets;
fate - all plummets
into abyssal examples
where soil-filled eyes
see soiled souls.

But none can know why the coils wind
around the lonely columns of spirit’s mind,
soulful mindings
shunned and binding,
grinding, grinding
soil-filled eyes
into soiled souls.

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Why I Want You (or A Lesson In Futility Never Quite Learned)

I look at you with these Columbus eyes,
exploring the Eden before me,
paradise lost is paradise found,
My edges are rough,
you sand them down,
I feel so round,
so exposed,
so round.

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No sleep

Sleep has eluded me, or maybe I’ve been running from it. Running from its clutches like a deranged man on a cocaine binge. You see, about a month ago I had my last episode. I was on the computer and I started seeing halos of light through my right eye. I already knew what was going to happen. It had happened to me 3 weeks prior and about a month before that. The 2 first times I shoved the middle finger down my throat, my knuckles playing hackie sac with my tonsils. I gagged, pulled out and shoved it back in. I felt like a whore and then all my insides came out. The first time they splattered in my sink, the second I ruined a perfectly manicured lawn.

So, the third time I was already aware of the steps. First the halos, continued by a mild eye ache, followed by a mild headache, which would rapidly evolve into a throbbing, menacingly eye and headache. Then the nausea would set in and finally the needing to purge. So it happened. It was the third time. The first time I thought it was because of the hookah, that shit was strong. The second time I didn’t give it much thought. The third time I knew was no coincidence any longer.

I googled the symptoms. The number one possibility on all sites was glaucoma. I went to a doctor about 5 minutes away from my house in car that same day and told them what happened. They said they couldn’t do anything because the episode had passed. I don’t know how Dominican doctors get their licenses. I went to an international center. They did some eye exams with high pressured light straight into my eye. I could hardly endure it.

She came back with the results for more tests. She said I have an enlarged optic nerve, which could mean glaucoma. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness. Glaucoma has no cure.

I don’t want to go to sleep. I’m afraid of waking up blind and never seeing anything ever again.

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Beneath their beautiful eyes

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