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I know, sweetheart

I’ve been fooled before
just as you have
with stories
and smiles and situations
that make us feel as though,
there’s the feeling
there’s the one
only to find out,

it’s just another thanksgiving meal
not quite Christmas
not quite all hallows eve

So we rest in being fooled
and we laugh along
because the fool isn’t something done
on purpose
it’s just done.

we laugh along because we don’t
want them to know it hurts
we don’t want them to know the pain…
and it’s our hearts that suffer through it
moreover than theirs.

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One last song before you go - A jayarrarr prompt


There is a symphony behind your eyes

A crescendo that builds on the corners of your smile

When I look at you it is music

Sweet, powerful. Moving

The lyric of your a cappella laughter drives me to duet

Sing to me as only you can, lift me with that falsetto spirit

Carry me through the day on chords of joy

There is a soundtrack to all lives and yours,

With cadence that speaks beyond language

Has infused itself in my score

The night is almost upon us, but my heart’s three-four beat


Leave me not mid set

One last song before you go?