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please stay


like oxygen to fire

sun to the earth

life to the heart


I will be consumed by your absence



and make me your home

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The Jump

Bloodshot eyes with no remorse

Determined to stay their final course

They look down to ad infinitum, all they see

Is the joyous man they wanted to be

Tears well up to cry a faded sound

And two feet leave the sickened ground

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Blind Faith

A caste degraded


Way up high

They waved their signs

To a divine messenger

Who called them lesser

And wrote that sin

Was born of skin

And their innocent eyes

Were a putrid guise

To shade their demons

They couldn't leave them

For their devilish sin

Was, according to him, sown in skin

So they raised their pickets high

And prayed to that very same light

That the accuser prays

Until the end of their days

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Children of the Reef (Revision; Thanks to Brad, Umar, and Chris)


I. Neptune's Theater

A wandering rock spins smooth

as its warm sea calcimines.

And turquoise Neptune in his cloudy blue bath bath

drips epochs of lace from his fingertips

Sculpts a submerged eden of crimson and emerald

where painted parrots chat up cardinals

butterfly and angel fry sway with wave pulse

and foliated coral fingers beckon from arched windows.

Neptune’s children are flat and bright, spined and notched

free yet entangled in lace mesh ecosystem

beneath an array of bioluminescent stars

as a gangly pretender watches and blows bubbles.

II. Sapien Siege

The hot acidic hand of death grasps

the mesh rends and tangles

the ecosystem shattered

reef’s loosed children scream beneath planet’s stars.

Butterflies impaled

cyanide-swooning damsels

mesh-tangled angels hauled heavenward

coral to potash, corpses to coal.

The pretender to the throne blinks

rubs blurry lenses,

kicks plastic fins

and moves on to the next show


Unseeing and unaware

of the luminous filament in his wake.

Self-appointed divinity,

deus ex machina.




Ann says: All of the animal and human characters in this poem (except Neptune and The Pretender) are named after coral reef fish. Coral reefs, one of the most diverse ecosystems, are expected to be largely extinct within one human generation.

Copyright 2013 by Ann Marcaida.

Images:1. Andrey Narchuk 2.  Neil Craver Photography

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You asked me
Not to wait,
But how
Could I not
When you are
All I've got?
You told me
Not to wait,
But why
Would I listen
When at the very thought
Of you gone my eyes glisten,
You begged me
Not to wait,
But who
Could possibly
Stop me?
None that I can see,
You ordered me
Not to wait,
But you;
Can't control
My heart; my mind
My love; my soul,
And so here; I still am
Stubborn; rebellious
Unmovable; unstoppable,
Forever I will be; waiting...
APAD13 - 035

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I had
A heart attack,
But it wasn't mine,
It was yours;
That disarmed me,
With your hair loose
You've unraveled me,
You distract me
Comet out of 
It's course,
If I continue this way
I will crash
With the sun,
And from there I'll emerge fierce
Volcano of desires
For you,
With but a simple
Brush of your skin
With the mercury
Of my soul aflame,
If we united
In this moment
The planets
Would align
And new galaxies
Would be born,
All this plays
In front of my eyes
I on the ground
Attack from your heart;
I don't defend myself
Because these battles
You will always win...
APAD13 - 036 

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Pretty is
As pretty does,
Smile on
Laugh out loud,
You are sunshine
Watch all the others grow
Joyous expressions,
Contagious glow
You emit,
Hooked on a line
Reel in your catch,
Eyes from afar
A plenty,
Pretty is
As pretty can do,
Shower all
With your beauty,
The inner the better
The outside just a touch-up,
Pretty is
As happy as your soul can be...
APAD13 - 037

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May I...

Finding differences 
Making us the same, 
So much in common, 
Between us; 
But not the planet, 
Unique in our world 
We've come together, 
To make the earth ours, 
People will notice, 
Never can we hide nor mix
Even if we are set on the crush level, 
Mixing in our own little blend, 
Culled from our lives, 
The past is setting 
A fiery sunset
Giving way
To the new sunrise 
That is our future, 
Pour this all in a cup 
And top off 
With the spice 
That is life, 
Thank you God
May I have another... 
APAD13 - 038

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My happiness 
Was but an act
And never a thought, 
Until you came along
Tangible; three dimensional, 
Something and someone 
I could point to
And smile, 
This is why
She is why, 
This is the reason 
She is the reason, 
For the smile on my face
For the laughter in my voice, 
So much more sane do I seem
My declaration to whomever 
Reasons no longer failing, 
You are the materialization
Of the idea of happiness, 
My happiness
Your happiness
Ours is a dream of hope,
Ours is a memory of patience...
APAD13 - 039

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I'm not living; 
Life without you 
Time is indefinite, 
I want to wait for you 
Will you return? 
I do not know 
But I hope 
In dreams
Reality will hit me,
I miss you; love, 
Sometimes my thoughts 
Are my only savior, 
But I'm also going crazy 
Thinking and praying 
For the day you'll return, 
It's the only purpose I have,
Drinking beer by the keg
Tasting wine by the barrel, 
Days used to go by like nights, 
But now; no longer can I ignore
Every single tick magnified
As I try uselessly to talk 
Myself out of time's grip, 
Watch I no longer wear
To know the time
But to be aware
Of it's heaviness
On my wrist;
Hanging limply
By my side,
Unable to rise
And wave hello 
At another day...
APAD13 - 040