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I need to get out


in my quest for freedom

I merely built a new cage

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"I and You and We"

It's a melting down

watching the scars slip

further and further away

in the heat of the day

For even at 

the apex of the sun

there is a letting go

and in the release

we witness the magic 

of a sunrise

the peppering 

of the night sky

a perfectly swollen moon

And I

get to see mirrored

in your chocolate eyes

all that I feel for you

as we hold on

so very tenderly



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If you let me-- I will.
If you won't-- I'll still.

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Bended Stem Diaries, v


My love is plumelike, clumsy

a Sweet Goldenrod

I am teething on toothless

leaves - peering through sun

speckled transparent dots

of the July wind ebb & flow

Yellow-rated blossoms

spurred & massed in

showy clusters.


We are not feather-veined

We do not threaten with

ragged edges at the bottom

of chain linked fences

like a spiny-leaved



His veins run parallel

& I am nerved in tiny winglike

leaflets, tapering off

a long margin stalk

No, I am widespread in the dry

open soil of Michigan.

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The Thief and His Kingdom

Touches that rob, 

they murder the self; 

when betrayal becomes King.

Fractured self deviates, 

becomes a stranger apparition;
hidden in closets, 

dusty cupboards, 

and within dirty linens.

Until the ghastly corpse decomposes,
into flesh bit figments;
of a confused mind
and imprisoned cracked soul;
left to wander,
with the thief of all thieves,
the King of stolen souls.

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air traffic

jet engines break
the sound barrier above
our appartment

at least once every few
hours- either going to
los angeles or chicago

or dallas and while i am
alone in bed i think,
how lucky to be flying

away from this place like
the geese that migrate each
winter, how lucky to leave

this place behind—
i think one day i will walk
away and never look back.

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Goodbye Letters

I don't expect you to understand
That humanity is nothing but scattering sand
You keep trying to tell me that this life is grand
And that some things don't go as planned

But my life here has always been upside down
And I've never been the type to constantly move around
But now I think I'm finally ready to move, and find a new town

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Tick Tock

tick tock

the clock

frets &


butterfly heart 


tap tap

the feet

the heart


& hours


drip drop

her tears

fall on 

pale cheeks

thump thump

and then a silent

yellow moon

she floats

among the river's reeds

waiting no more.


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Bittersweet Words

They are spoken with ease,
Lavished onto people with each roll of fluid
Tongues as though breath
Is coated with the purest honey,
And fed into the air
Straight into unsuspecting systems.
They are cherished
Like jewels unfit for a crown
And their oxymoronic charm is savoured
As they seep into bodies,
Taking residence in the deepest depths
Of vulnerable hearts,
Where the sweetness dulls
And bitterness comes out to stay.