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No Wonder I Drink

"No wonder I drink." Perry White reached into the bottom drawer of his desk, pulled out a bottle of rye, good rye, and a small glass and poured himself three fingers of the golden liquid.  "Great Cesar’s ghost," he muttered into the glass, "they’re killing me".

"Lois Lane has been taken hostage (third time this year) and, as usual, Clark Kent is nowhere to be found.  Why can I never find my so called ace reporter when I need him the most?  The early edition is due on the street in an hour and I’ve got nothing for page one. The Daily Planet is going to hell in hand basket. In fact, the whole damned city of Metropolis is going with it. I guess I should have taken that job in Chicago. At least at The Tribune I would be working with Brenda Starr.”

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Man of Steel


When I was 13 I dreamed you up
Told my mother I feared I’d never fall in love 
This boy in my head was too much
And he did not exist

The next year I found you
You and your carefully calculated words 
I knew you had to have used
On a hundred different girls

Still my walls, I had spent my life
Building strong and sturdy 
in effort to make love impossible
For fear I might end up
Broken and hungry for this four letter drug
Like the mother who raised me,
Were blown away in an instant

Like a house made of straw will surely be
Obliterated by the oncoming tornado
Leaving me bare and naked swimming
In a pool of my insecurities and doubts
Pouring out of my mouth 
And onto the tips of my fingers 
Carefully pressing keys into the message I had to get to you
Because I thought you had to know

Every moment of every day 
Soft whispers of “I love you”
Would drip from my lips because I knew
Otherwise the reservoir I could hear
Creaking inside of me would burst

But you couldn’t have known what you would do to me
By taking me out of my bubble and letting me breathe 
It was too much oxygen for the brain
I couldn’t take it

Overwhelmed by my new sense of awareness 
I just wanted everything to stop spinning, moving, living, moving, breathing, moving

I pushed you away hoping to find some sort of equilibrium 
But you saw I was bare and defenseless 
So instead of allowing yourself to be pushed away
You wrapped yourself around me and became my walls of steel