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No matter 
How many battles
Are waged
My heart and mind
No matter
How many
Thoughts are cut short
And feelings felled
Before they're expressed,
There seems to be
No clear winner,
My mind tries tactics
To block my heart's
And my heart 
Strategizes subliminal
Of impulses
One step backward
One step forward
Sometimes sideways
The only one moving
On the dance floor
To an internal song
Of conflict
Love and hate
About what I feel 
For the likes of you
Never ending war...
APAD13 - 079 © okpoet


I'm about to get somewhat nit-pickey over a form element so feel free to ignore this part if you so choose.
"How many

Thoughts are cut short"

Would keep with the form of the poem better as
"How many thoughts
Are cut short" 
The poem set up in the begining
No matter
How many ____
are ____ 
So I think that may help it flow better.
I'm not a huge fan of the line spacing. There seems to be a large gap between each line which makes it hard to read (especially in the beginning). I did like the heart missiles part even if the "Love is War" theme is a little cliche you still managed to represent it interestingly. It's not bad but it's definitely not your strongest work.