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In Case of Cliche

I'll split an ocean

with this verse

(raining tears

it's sad to say)

too many views

are so cliche,

and we should just

not think that way,

but oh, the pain

that spreads that way

if I cannot

seek these mundane

petals of hope-sprained flowers

broken at the stem

from hours of

social anxieties

pulling love-me-nots.

They drain in sighs

that chill our spines

with cold oppressive eyes

deprived from words

that can't be fine

even if they're customized,

to ride the track

that trains would

claim their own,

but not allow

the chariots

to follow them


There's a traitor

inside everyone.

So why don't you

just shut up and listen?


Very unique piece. The possible cliche's are elusive at least to this reader. The flow was good and the visual was complex. The kind of piece that is not too lengthy and one may read twice. May go over some heads.