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All of my senses
are deafened by my own mind
My thoughts consume me 


Haiku can be such a powerful form.  This piece definitely has powerful aspects to it. The notion that the mind would deafen the very senses it controls suggests the writer does not have control over his/her own thoughts and allows them to control his/her life.  Thus, s/he has no responsibility for the thoughts consuming her/him.  (The blind review process makes it difficult to detect the gender of the writer and that's a good thing for judgment, but makes my review full of slashes.  I apologize for that.)  This lack of responsibility evokes a feeling of helplessness and despair in a way that I think is, if not unique, at least insightful.  It makes the sentiment in this piece something people identify with, personally.  However, at least for me, it makes the reader see what is wrong with this perspective, that we must overcome the helplessness in our own minds.  I may be straying from the purpose of a review and into psychology. The use of a "to be" verb where one could be avoided for stronger vocabulary has usefulness in a piece that conveys an inability to act, but rather, simply to exist.  Overall, I think this is a full haiku - leaving no space empty, complete.