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Forever more

               ^         ^                                             ^      ^
               ^^     ^^                                     ^      ^^   ^^
        ^     ^ ^   ^ ^                                 ^    ^    ^ ^ ^ ^
        ^^   ^^^ ^^^                       ^       ^  ^^ ^^^^^
         ^^  Will  you                            ^^   ^  ^^ ^^^^^
      ^ ^^ halt your                             ^^  ^^^life  for
        ^ ^^ one  tiny                            ^ ^ moment to
        ^^think about                            and reflect on
        what our  words                          have done to
       the innocent dark                       birds of  the
        world. Blackbirds,                    ravens  and
          crows are painted                 as the crux
             of evil, harbingers           of doom. It
               isn’t because they     live on meat
                   opportunistically  scavenged, a
                        man is as likely to be guilty                  __
                          of that sin.     They  are  not       icons    \
                           of murder because they hunt, killing the ) 
                               smaller, weaker, “prettier” birds…  No —> 
              a                     man will always  be  guilty of
               preying on   those around who are at less
           of an advantage. Black birds represent sin
         to us because of their eyes. For us,  eyes
        are the window to the soul and when we
       see only black          pools in their
            depths                 then     we                  
                                            are      +
                                                  +         \
                                                 __\        __\____    
                                                        .   .         \
                                                           \   -    a f  r   a    i     d    
                                                                                                           p r   e    y.


The form deserves more than 5 stars, Luke.  How do you manage such complex formatting on Tumblr?  I can't even get a poem to center on a page!  I especially like the prey item that is rendered in bold font.


As a former zookeeper, I find this message very moving.  We practice psychological transference to other animal species just as we do to other people. Black animals tend to become symbols of death or Satan.  Starlings and pigeons are referred to as "trash birds" because, as species, both are much like humans.  They blanket the earth, live in proximity to us, and eat anything.


Bravo, Luke.  This piece seems perfect to me.





creo que me impresiono desde primera instancia, mantuve el inetres hasta el final, creo q es bueno. expresar lo que piezas en metaforas es excelente. aunque con tono impersonal el flujo de la idea, pieno que es homogenea.