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Master of Night (For Cats, Large and Small)


Wild fevered summer cat

crouched in night forest

leaf-rustle, ear-swivel

golden eye-gleam, nostril flare

smell trail, chase drumming

hot blood of jugular pulse on tongue



Barest winter, bones spare

as naked trees knock

hungry ghost at door

I crouch, invite you in ("I am not yours")

eyes warn, my sofa, my fire

recline like buddha, one golden orb

fixed on me



Cat-mind drifts back

ten thousand years

desert goes for days

sun-blaze on fur, sandpaper tongue

drink from Tigris, cool forgiving


Mate with five heated slit-eyed beauties

consider symbiosis, my ancestors

pile grain into a barn too slow to catch mice

while naked two-legged kittens

play with your children.


Humans will worship yet bury you alive--

our dead won't be lonely

The mice in the barn will find

Master of Night

that no death nor game is too cruel for you



Now, fates joined

after your hunt, before mine

yawn and blink at the sun

bury my face in electric fur

you drape a lazy velvet paw

over me purrs reverberate


All is right in this universal chase

sun-selves,  shadow-selves

predator and prey

for life love

and death



Copyright 2012 by Ann Marcaida


I love the circurlarity of this piece. The relationship between man and cat. I love the communal memory of the cat, shared among all of its kind.  That whole section of the piece works exceptionally well for me.


This piece is all its own. A bit lenghty for the subject, the reader is led through a sort of history lesson on cats. It has a nice touch of visuals imaging this creature as it goes about. Those that love felines may relate, others may yawn a little.