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"The Garden Tenders" -- Surreal Digital Art and Poetry

For my first post here at InkStained, I present:


"The Garden Tenders"



They earn their shavings of gold
giving pedicures to trees
these manicurists of nature
supporting their families

Keeping the wild at bay
and an Eden-like sense alive
they tend the lawns of the wealthy
for pay that will get them by

Weeds come out and mulch goes in
clippings get hauled away
cutting and trimming and fluffing occurs
in the course of a landscaper's day

Water goes in as sweat goes out
with a wheelbarrow, shovel or hoe
pitchforking nonsense goes over the side
and the chatter is kept down low

Rough and ragged go slim and trim
shaggy gets smoothly cropped
then off in the truck with their green-thumb luck
to their next pre-scheduled stop






This is a clever poem.  I know exactly what you are saying and that fact draws me in.  I will have to say that that "fluffing occurs" had me in stitches as I envisioned either the lawn becoming fluffed up - or "fluffers" hard at work.  In the last stanza - the first line is not smooth and therefore does not flow as easily as the rest of the poem, which I might add flows really well.  I think that the problem is the word "go."  The picture works well as I see it representing the surreal manner in which some customers of your gardeners probably live.  Love it, Liz