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The Last Man Standing

I felt my heart grow darker as the weight pressed heavier on my shoulders, engulfed in the chaos of seven billion people - each one had been trying to get ahead. Did it have to be so ugly? So much sadness. Looking at all of them, I learnt that sadness wasn't all that the pain brought. It bred dreams of sandcastles in the sky and heights beyond reach. Failure was bloody. And so was success. The difference lay in whose blood it was. It didn't matter anyway - everyone lost. The tears of the victors are somewhere in the ocean, where the rain and rivers carried them. And here I am, burying the bodies of the vanquished.


I feel like this can and should be extended. be cautious with how much you use sentence fragments like that; they can be powerful, but only if they're placed carefully and sparingly. I don't generally like editing content on something this short, because changing one word can change the whole feeling of the the text, but I would lean towards "burying the bodies of the victors" or something along those lines; I think it hammers in the everybody loses point that you're trying to make.