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At the end... there was love.

‘ Rachel, look at me!’ He demanded almost furiously.

He lifted up my chin with the palm of his hand when I didn’t, his face only a few inches away from mine.

I felt how my blood started rushing through my veins, my heartbeat increased the moment he touched me.

He was to close, I could feel his breath on my skin and it made me nervous. He made me nervous.

‘ Is this about last night?’ He asked on a calmer tone now. ‘ Are you ashamed of what happened between us?’

I shook my head. ‘ No, I’m not ashamed of what happened between us.’

‘ Then what is it Rachel?’ He asked. ‘ You know you can tell me.’

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes although this wasn’t the first fight we had.

Only this one was different from the others, this one was related to my feelings for him, not some stupid disagreement we occasionally had.

Too bad for me this wasn’t the time, neither the place for love.



I was walking through the forest on my own, looking for a place to sleep that night when I noticed the smoke that was coming through some trees.

At first I wanted to turn around, not knowing who would be there, not knowing how many of them would be there.

Nevertheless something changed my mind, maybe it was hunger or thirst, maybe it was just the feeling that it would be save to go take a look.

I loaded my gun in case I would need it and walked in the direction the smoke was coming from.

For a moment I thought someone just putted on a fire and left, then I saw him, sitting against a tree wrapped in a blanket.

A guy with messy brown hair, probably around the age of 28.

‘ Hey.’ I said loudly while I walked onto the open space, my gun pointed at him.

He looked at me, the glow from the fire was reflecting in his blue eyes, but he didn’t give a single reaction.

He didn’t talk, he didn’t run, he only sat there.

‘ Are you alone?’ I asked while I moved closer , the gun still pointed at him.

‘ Just kill me already.’ He said. ‘ There’s nothing left for me to live for.’

I frowned, then putted the gun away.
He wasn’t dangerous, there wasn’t a reason to kill him.

‘ Don’t you put that away.’ He said. ‘ Shoot me, I want to die!’

‘ Then why are you sitting at a fire to keep yourself warm?’ I asked while I sat down next to him.
‘ Since I want to die, I can at least make myself comfortable waiting for it to happen.’ He replied.

‘ Well, then you can wait a little longer, because I’m not going to kill you.’ I said. ‘ I’m Rachel by the way.’

‘ I’m Brody.’ He sighed. ‘ Well Rachel, since you are the first person I saw in weeks it’s just my luck you aren’t just killing me.’

I grinned. ‘ That’s because you are only sitting here being sorry for yourself and you are not a threat to me.’

He sighed again and took something out of the backpack that was standing next to him.

‘ Hungry?’ He asked while he handed me a cereal bar.

‘ I’m starving.’ I replied while I took it from him. ‘ But if you want to die, what’s about the food?’

‘ I’m not one to starve to dead.’ He simply answered.


He had lost his wife, his family, everyone he ever cared about was gone.

It took me a week to convince him to move to another hide out, to make clear to him that we should keep moving in order to be safe.

Now we still where at the same forest, circling around constantly, trying not to get found by other people, the ones who survived just like us.

‘ Rachel.’ He sighed, pulling me back out of my thoughts. ‘ Are you sure this isn’t about last night?’

‘ It’s partly about last night.’ I admitted. ‘ But not because we slept with each other.’

‘ Then what’s wrong? Tell me.’ He begged.

‘ What’s wrong is that we’re both pretending that it didn’t mean anything.’ I replied. ‘ Although it did mean something, at least to me it did.’

‘ God, Rachel, of course it meant something to me too.’ He said while he pulled me against him. ‘ Did you think I would sleep with you if I didn’t care about you at all? Do you think I would do that if I didn’t like you?’

‘ I don’t know, it’s all so messed up.’ I sighed.

‘ I love you, Rachel.’ He said while he made me look into his eyes.
‘ I love you too.’ I whispered.

He smiled before he kissed me passionately,  making me feel like I was in heaven instead of on earth.