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A Letter to My Face

Scars have never meant that you can’t smile. Ignore the commercials advertising another cream, another pill, another way to hide the leopard spots of your teenage years. You were human before and after, and when they tell you that clear skin is next to godliness remind yourself that no God could ever be so cruel, even with skin so pure. When a boy tells you that you have beautiful eyes, but the rest needs improvement, spit in his face, like the animal he thinks you are. Scars do not make you a leper, and nobody but you has the power to exile your own flesh. A girl will tell you that your face isn’t symmetrical, do not let this haunt you to the point of feeling like a distorted fun-house mirror. The best pictures will be the ones where you are happy.


Your smile is the best *scar* you can show off.  Flashing teeth with that smile is the icing on the cake.  Don't worry about superficial things that can seemingly be cured with a simple cream or topical agent; worry more about how you can change a person's day with your smile.

Great work again! 

Now go out and smile!