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On A White Horse

Chalk Dust Torture by Phish on Grooveshark

Dillon sold his soul for a sweet leather jacket and a baton that went Snap! loud.

He didn't much mind, if he was being honest, but when did he ever have that rare and indecent occasion? He'd lied his way through family dinners, lied his way through college, lied in and out of love, and lied right out of the bed that he was supposed to lie in.

Hell. It wasn't even his bed. It wasn't even really hell. He'd kind of liked it.

But he'd made it out and to the top, after a fashion. Now he lied for a living and if he were being honest?

He loved the corporate lifestyle. 

He never hurt anyone, at least in his mind. Ever since the glass went smash, the world had come unhinged. People started changing. They started seeing little shadows in the corners of their eyes. Fevered with imagination, they'd become contagious. Now? Nothing was certain. That little fantasy, that fear, that hope, that little something strange you wish might sneak into the world?

Well, now it heard you. When the glass went smash, something sticky hit the minds of men.

Wishing hell on a person gets a little personal at that point.

In a world like that, there's a place for men like Dillon with their slick hair and their comfortable image. Places like safe churches and shopping malls. Places full of sanity and skepticism. Men like Dillon say, with a straight face and a smile, liars with lies you can believe in. That the instability is outside. That here is an 'inside'. That there is a difference. That there even is a 'safe'.

Men like Dillon, in their way, had become indispensable.

He rode the borders with the blessing of the Board. He sold snake oil to poison the snakes.

Dillon was a junior executive, a weekend warrior, and he loved to hurt people.

It's the only time he'd found where his honesty had the appropriate impact.

He made the bad guys nice and obvious.

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Chalk Dust Torture by Phish on Grooveshark

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