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Rhythm: From the Chisel, to Her Hammer

I wore you like a bruise today,

A dull reflection of the impact

That you left upon me, army of antibodies

Sought to reconstruct and redirect

Ruptures of veins inside me.

But what can blood provide me?


I've edited and altered, pages on pages,

Left an ocean - crumbled, crammed, and bundled

A mass, a mountain on my little desk,

a rolling plane of paper balls, all doomed to fall,

Describing how you're not beside me.

How could words satisfy me?


When all I have, when all I am are words

When all I have to give are syllables and synonyms,

what can I say that speak to gulfs

between your way and the glass inside me?

Why can't you be inside me?


Why can't you be beside me? Why?

Why can't you hold and hide me? Why?

Why can't I lie and try to comfort you,

Why can't I be a home for you? Why?

Why can't I fake smiles for you? Why?

Why can't you say give hello to me?

Why? Please, just come home to me.





...Because my name is what I do...


Write a poem with the line " I wore you like a bruise"

and tag it #Writingfromthebones

Vaguely a response to From the Hammer, to the Chisel.

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