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George the Dragon Slayer/Funnel Cake Enthusiast


Vacation is a luxury, never forget that. Fires don't stop on Sundays. Hospitals don't close at 5.

There is no funnel cake on Earth or the Realms Beyond that will stop a draconic animation.

They couldn't have made it easier. They'd painted in the scales. The rusty maw menaced with drawn-on flames and just a hint of blood from an unreported accident. I mean, it was a carnie, but carnies are people for both ethical and thaumaturgical purposes. The otherworldly aion had the perfect host, the perfect symmetrical alignment to invade our world. So did its hunter.

George was your average guy. In and out of the GI Bill with less nightmares than many to his name. He'd served with honor, slept with honor, drank with honor, and discharged honorably. His new mission? To become a Management Information Systems guru. Then the dragon happened.

He didn't know the first thing about bows, but the archery booth was next to the funnel cakes.

He didn't know why, but he knew just where to aim. He saved almost everybody.

The passengers just had the worst luck. After all, every dragon needs meat and sinew. How else is the beast supposed to move? How would the wings unfurl? How do you get that bloody, raw, and dehumanizing stench to fill the air? No, they weren't lucky, but they were more or less alive.

George's arrow struck with mercy. A shame the cops disagreed. Vacation was officially canceled.

It was a rough start to a life of glory on the back roads of America.


Writing Prompt 240:

It was just a typical day the carnival. Suddenly, the dragon roller coster comes to life and…

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