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Love Is...

Someone I follow on Tumblr posted a video about love... and he says he doesn't believe love is entirely emotional. That at some point, you choose to continue loving a person because that "in love" feeling fades.

I entirely disagree.

Love is powerful. It's an emotion that rips worlds apart and bends time. It's what helps a mother lift a car off her child and what people fight for their entire lives. When love is real and true, nothing can break it. Nothing can damage it. There is nothing more unstoppable than two people in love. Not even the gods who control the very workings of fate can keep lovers apart.

If the creative force of the universe itself tried, it couldn't tear apart two people in love.

And the thing is... when you feel that? You know... And it doesn't go away. You may have times where it's just a nice, quiet hum in your chest. But you'll also have times where the force of it knocks you to your knees and makes you sob because it's just so damned beautiful.


You could improve this piece by taking more risks. As it is now, "Love is..." is comprised of several highly familiar phrases strung together. Yes, love is powerful, and yes, people fight for love their entire lives--but those are all things we've heard before. I encourage you to tackle the complexities of love, and incorporate more interesting imagery, which would help your argument. This current draft is too simplistic and riddled with cliches, and is therefore unconvincing. Best of luck writing!