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I see beauty

Staring back

Across the room-


She sees smiles,

Her own jealousy

Because you’re beautiful


He sees a body

That needs



Your mother sees

A girl not trying,

A girl not succeeding


Your father

Sees his little girl

He’d die for


The mirror sees;

Scars, tears, makeup smeared,

Hate in your eyes


You see the mirror

You hate reflections,

But step back


You are beautiful

At every angle,

Except yours


Mirrors lie.


This poem is needed in times of low self esteem and readers will be able to relate to a lot of the points the poem brings up. It reminds me slightly of the Dove advertisement where outsiders actually saw the strangers they talked to as beautiful people but when they were asked to described themselves, they were extremely harsh. 

However, I find myself wanting more from this poem. I want to know how the beauty feels like, smells like, tastes like. I want to know what not trying, not succeeding means. I want to know the specifics instead of the general. I want to know if the protagonist in the poem has the same problems I have. One way to get to this is to describe the beauty. What is it that makes the protagonist beautiful? 

I love how the poem's last stanza is just one line. It has the impact that the poem wants to leave. I wonder if the 3x3 stanzas are restricting the details of the poem. To me, I feel that that's why there are few details in the poem cause of that structure. But I am sure details can be provided even in a 3x3 space. :)