Voice in the Wind | Inkstained

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Voice in the Wind

I wish I could talk with you right now.

Today was a really
And I want to tell you about it
so you can tell me,
Everything will be ok.
Be strong.
Remember who you are.

But your voice escapes me
in the wind;
and your face is something
I cannot see.

So I'll keep plugging along and hope that tomorrow
is a better day...


A strange poem (for me), this one. The imagery is poignant and the subject matter, although not exceptionally original, is a trusted trope more than a cliché, but something in the way this is written reminds me of sitting behind someone on a train who is having a conversation on a mobile phone.

That conversation could be the most earth-shatteringly important conversation anybody has ever had, but I only hear half of it. It is assumed that the situation posed in this piece is actually something that recently happened and the poem is a release, but I can't help thinking that a little more could have been done to flesh it out into more than a one-sided conversation.

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