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her eyes were washed out
a pale shade of hate and regret
they were once vibrant 
with the bold hues of hope and love
she lost herself to him
to them really

lost isn’t the right word though 

she was stolen by them
abrupt and violently
without a word of warning
they took her future and her happiness
leaving behind a shell 
leaving behind a broken mirror version
of her

she remembers her colors
the grass greens
the ocean blues
the buttercup yellows
the tangerine oranges
the innocent indigos
and the seductive reds
she remembers what it was like to shine
to blind others
to stand out and radiate
she remembers memories 
and dreams of hues


I think this one of my favorite poems i encountered here in inkstained. I especially love how you describe the colors., so simple yet so vivid to my mind and how it contrasts with the deep and dark sadness of the protaganist. well done!