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I hear
The hollow tipped
Words leave your lips
Lightly uttered
To another,
And I imagine them
Piercing my skull
Puncturing my heart,
Would I bleed
A torrential downpour
Of emotions
Or would I deflect?
I am uncertain
But I feel
As though
They've grazed me
A light scarring
Upon me
I inquire
How it is so
That such few words
Can lead
To great tribulation
Within my mind
And I realize
They were grenades
Fragmented ammo
To all within
Earshot and I,
Am a victim...
APAD13 - 092 © okpoet


The metaphor of words to ammunition is wonderful, because words actually do hurt. I think you should have longer lines though, not all of them have to be long. "The hollow tipped words leave your lips lightly uttered" worked great over 3 lines.