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In many minds

I view mankind

but only that

would seem quite dull

if I could learn

from nothing else

there wouldn't be

that much to know.


The way the wind

separates the grass;

the way the snow

would ice the ground.

Would I need that

along the road,

and in what way

could it help out?


Definitive is fine

if you are

bold enough

to think you're wise,

but how are you

to learn a thing

if you would never

question: why?!


I'll be ruminating over this one for a while, simply because of your wording. Well done, in that regard!

I would like to offer up my perception, in the sense that each stanza became progressively less impressive. You started strong, and should have finished at least as strong. It's allowed to have a little fat in the middle, which it did, but the ending needs fine-tuning. You switch from a stanza with well thought out language, to a stanza with a little twist of a metaphor, to a flat statement with no special wording or deeper meaning. Just a few thoughts.

Thanks for the interesting read!